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Happy First Day!!!!

I am so excited and I am sure you are too!! Please read my morning message on the left side of the white board. Let’s make sure we start off on the right foot! I have some directions on the board I would like for you to follow. If you have questions or want to say hi, you can ABSOLUTELY come see me!


Miss Schneidmuller

Homework 5th GATE

  1. Gettysburg address-Due tomorow


Ms. Schneidmuller would like the following work to be completed by Tuesday

  • Read pages 34-36 about Lexington and Concord then, answer the following SCR questions
  • Finish grammar pages 141 and 149 (For grammar page 141 diagram sentence 5, 5, and 2 and break down all the sentences. For grammar page 149 break down all the sentences and diagram any 2 sentences. )
  • Read pages 34-36 about Lexington and Concord then, answer the following SCR questions
  • Explain the difference between a Patriot and a Loyalist?
  • Why was Paul Revere important to the American Revolution?
  • Who ultimately delivered the message about the British to Concord.
  • Read Paul Revere’s poem and write about your favorite line in the poem.

Woods Runner needs to be read by Friday MORNING

5th Gate Homework

If you  chose to do a video for your Colony Pitch then it must be completed by Friday

5th Gate


  • Colony Pitch (due Wednesday)
  • Read up to page 172 in Blood on the River (due Wensday)
  • OPTIONAL: Week 4 slavery in colonies on Studies Weekly
  • Writing Workshop (due Friday PS: Ms. Schneidmuller will not except Writing Workshop after Friday)

For Studies Weekly remember your username is your first name initial then your last name

Example: Nickie Reads Username: nreads Password: (Chromebook password)

5th Gate

Your child’s narratives are due FRIDAY this is our last date if it is incomplete by Friday your child will gain a score of zero in their grade.

5th Gate Homework

The first draft of the on demand must be finished by tomorrow.

The second draft of the on demand is not homework

finsh practice page

5th GATE Homework

You have homework if

  • You didn’t finish reading up to Full Circle in Birchbark House
  • You didn’t finish the packet on the Secota people of the Chesapeake Bay

This homework must be finished by Tomorrow

5th GATE Homework

If you didn’t finish your on demand it’s homework.

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