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Month: August 2016

if you didn’t do independent work it’s homework

5th grade 8/30

Finish your independent work if your not done.

  • American Indian Reading
  • Grammar
  • Andeg chapter

verb quiz on friday

no homework: quiz on friday

hw 4th grade 8/23

If you did not finish your classroom work, you have to do your Mary Lennox SCR.

Reminder: Verb quiz Friday!



Today students began working on their job applications for our classroom jobs. Most students have started their cover letters and some asked if they can work on them a bit at home. We also did our first grammar lesson. Students received a list of 23 helping verbs that I want them to memorize. We will have a very small quiz on those words next Friday.

Below is the list of words:


8/15 homework- 4th grade

4 grade needs to finish their “rights as a learner” worksheet. This should take about 15 minutes.

Welcome to GATE

I am so happy that you are in my class! 

Please make sure that you collect all of the paperwork that is on your desk. There are lots of sheets that need to be signed and returned to me once school starts.

Any classroom supplies can be placed on the back table.  Classroom supplies include:  loose leaf paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, paper towels,  Clorox wipes, etc.

Student supplies can go in their desks or their lockers. Some students have lockers across the hall.

Ms. Baker is in room 125, just to the right of my classroom. Please feel free to go to her room and introduce yourself. You will also have a chance to meet her during our meeting at 7:00.

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